Auditory Training

This aspect of audiological care is often overlooked by conventional clinics.  You can access our Rehab services to hear better in noise and have better success with your hearing aids. This is proven by research and backed by evidence. 

Hearing rehab is physiotherapy for the ears. Just as new running shoes don't make you a runner, hearing aids alone often do not resolve all of your challenges such as hearing and understanding well in noisy places. 

We provide rehabilitation for hearing, providing you with proven tactics and strategies to improve your experience with amplification whether you were fit here or elsewhere. 

Even if you have hearing aids already, you can access our Rehab services to get more benefit and value from your existing set. It is inexpensive, takes 20 minutes a day and you will reap the rewards of better audition in challenging sound environments. Some of our rehab you can even do on your web-enabled phone, tablet or iPad or any browser anywhere. 

Think of us as your hearing coach so you can get the most out of life and your hearing aid investment.  

LACE auditory training program logo with screenshot of the program and the description: "hearing is one thing. listening is another. we hear with our ears. we listen with our brain. ask us for more information about lace."

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