WCB Alberta Appeals

If you were denied by WCB Alberta, you can make an appeal. Your decision letter will have the instructions in them but here’s the short of it.

When a claimant does not agree with a decision, they complete a Re- quest For Review (RFR) form, outlining the decision they do not agree with and the reason they do not agree with the decision.

The RFR can be faxed or mailed to WCB.

Appeals must be submitted within one year from the date of the decision letter.

Once the RFR is on the claim, then the claimant is contacted.

When a claimant wants a representative, he/she is advised that the Gov- ernment of Alberta Fair Practices Office offers free representation.

Clinics that have contracts with WCB can not act as representatives, however, can provide an opinion. 

You can also contact the Fair Practices Office, also known as the FPO, at https://www.fpoalberta.ca/ or call them at 1(866) 427-0115 or email them at info@fpo.alberta.ca.  They will review the claim, decision and denial, and determine if an appeal is feasible and if so, will do it on your behalf for you, for free. 

Either way, if you make an appeal and need a professional opinion to submit with it on your own or via the FPO, we can offer that opinion in writing based on the “argument” or reason for the denial. This means that we would need access to the decision letter so we can speak to that reason directly. 

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