Roger hearing in noise solutions


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We are a Roger Certified Provider with additional training, support and lower prices for all personal Roger attachments to hearing aids. Roger works to enhance speech 20dB above noise, is self-levelling and automatic. It requires a Roger Transmitter and Receiver. It works with any brand of hearing aids that can usually only give up to 8 dB signal to noise ratio enhancement in the most premium technology. 

Find out more about the life-changing benefit of Roger that allows you to virtually be in all the places your hearing aids weren’t able to discriminate speech and enjoy the ease and intelligibility of a signal that can work with virtually any brand of hearing aid.  Even Resound re-engineered their hearing aid accessories to work with the Roger X receiver. Nobody can hold a candle when it comes to enhancing speech in noise to Roger technology. These links provide you with more information about the world’s best hearing in noise system. 

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