Roger Pen and EasyPen

The Roger EasyPen is a fully automatic personal Roger microphone to send the Roger signal to a personal receiver - the Roger Focus, Roger X that fits into any hearing aid brand Bluetooth device, or the Roger boot with Roger X that fits into any hearing aid brand over the ear hearing aid, or the Phonak hearing aid integrated receiver. The Roger benefit is all there, with some variances across brands and products that can affect the “Leveling” benefit.

picture of the roger easy pen microphone transmitter in blue silver and red.

The difference between the Pen and EasyPen is that the Pen can lock in any one of the three microphone modes regardless of its position in space. The EasyPen uses the accelerometer to determine whether to be narrow-band directional, wide-band directional or surround sound (omni mode). Furthermore, the Pen allows for two-way Bluetooth streaming (phone calls) but not one-way audio streaming (music).

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