TouchScreen Mic


A simple and intuitive microphone for the teacher to wear around the neck, use with a boom mic or place on a table to pick up speech for a small group of students including a Roger integrated student with hearing aids. This exciting newest evolution and easy to use wireless microphone is the core component of the Roger for Education portfolio and gives students and teachers alike the opportunity to master various modern classroom activities with ease.

Maximum Performance: With the best žSpeech-In-Noise (SNR) performance and documented improvements of up to 35% over Dynamic FM and 54% over other FM systems, the Roger Touchscreen Mic is a class above the rest. Reference: Professor Thibodeau, Linda, PhD (2013), Comparison of speech recognition with adaptive digital and FM wireless technology by listeners who use hearing aids, University of Texas, Dallas, USA, International Journal of Audiology.

Automatic microphone modes: For optimal use with minimal manual interaction, Roger Touchscreen Mic features an automatic microphone feature which conveniently switches from an individual talker, to a pointing mic, to a small group interaction table mode, based on the orientation of the device and an accelerometer. This allows students and teachers to keep up with ever-changing learning environments.

Small Group Mode, Touchscreens claim to fame: 100% of students that used the small group mode while wearing hearing aids preferred it to non-mic'd interaction with their fellow classmates. When the Touchscreen is laid flat on the table the mic disconnects the DigiMaster speaker(s) in the system and broadcast directly to student(s) Roger integrated hearing aids only in the group discussion. A major part of every lesson plan includes group interaction and this feature includes hearing impaired students to their full potential.

Zero hassle: With its intuitive indicator lights and user-friendly interface Roger Touchscreen Mic allows both teachers and students to actively participate in the modern classroom with ease. Teachers also have full control of the entire system from the Touchscreen mic itself.

Full compatibility: The Roger Touchscreen Mic is compatible with almost every hearing instrument, cochlear implant and bone-anchored hearing device. It also allows multiple receivers and up to 35 Roger microphones to be connected in a single network with a single touch command.

Roger Upgrader: The Roger Upgrader software helps you to upgrade the firmware and manage multiple devices. The free Roger Upgrader software is designed to ensure the compatibility of Phonak Roger devices such Roger SoundField technology and the separate Roger Personal microphones. We added a link to the main front page of our website for ease of downloading the program.

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