Hearing Consult and Device Selection

Whether you had a full diagnostic evaluation with us, a hearing test elsewhere or an online screening or three, we want to go over the results with you, explain and advise you on what your recommended next steps are to treating your hearing loss. This treatment plan includes understanding your condition and selecting the appropriate devices to correct the hearing loss. 

Hearing aids are prescribed for patients who have a moderate or worse hearing loss in either or both ears to avoid the effects of auditory deprivation. The hearing loss, auditory deprivation, prognosis and recommendations will be reviewed with you at your phone, video or in-person selection consultationWe discuss color, technology level,  and style during the selection call.

We offer ALL manufacturers’ product available, with the exception of proprietary brands. Click this link to learn more about different manufacturers which will open in a new page so you won’t lose your spot here. We are recommending Phonak product because of offering the most advanced technology, better price vis a vis the alternatives for dollar/feature spent, and overall quality and reliability and functionality. Please feel free to google different types of hearing aids to see that they are globally a step above the rest. 

If you have received approval for a third party claim (such as NIHB, DVA or WCB) based on a test we already have on file, then we also go through the selection of devices with you on a video or phone call.  

This website section provides you with some information about technology that will be useful during our conversation about your technology options. The rationales for recommending brand, style, size, power, and colour will be reviewed with you during this selection appointment.

Call us to schedule a selection appointment by phone, video or in-person at 780-750-4327

After selecting the devices with you, we order them and they arrive here within about 2 weeks. We will then have an in-person fitting appointment to set up the devices using all protective and preventative procedures required by regulations to keep you safe in light of the COVID-19 situation.

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